As a lifelong resident of the New Jersey shore, I left only long enough to earn a BFA from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA.
Soon after, I returned to a home near the sea, where uncombed winter beaches fed a lifelong affinity for things lost or thrown away. My eye was drawn to the stuff of childhood; these things come with a history. My art began to evolve in solitary, as experiments, something akin to the Island of Dr. Moreau.
Disparate objects come together as painting/collage hybrids, or boxed together in dioramas, allowing the viewer a peek into little worlds of psychological uncertainty. Orphaned baby dolls are also given a second chance at life, as golems, to carry out prophetic agendas.
Words have always been important to me. Much of my visual art has included text. Writing's pallet is loaded with pigments that allows me to paint in words; my poetry and memoirs add to a theme that reflects my curious memories. 

Environmental soundscapes are heard all at once, the noise of life as I experience it, a cacophony I reproduce into an aural journey.







Noise performances:

  • HellLab; Blast Floor Sessions: Experiment 2, NYC 2009

  • HellLab; Blast Floor Sessions: Experiment 1, NYC 2007

  • HellLab 2; NYC 2002 :