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My eyes crack open
slowly letting in the new day.
The sun peeks back
a spotlight on a leafy curtain.
Birds call…
… a bright tempo that mimics the rays of the sun.
Robin sings his arrival with the promise of tomorrow
while fifer Chickadee plays a broken accompaniment 
that contradicts his song.

Jet fighter Starlings break in like squadrons
Then stake their claim in numbers.
Suburban House Sparrows bicker with their Purple Finched neighbors
over some dirty crumbs in a muddy curb.

Passing trucks thump out irregular bass lines
blowing open the green curtain.
Exposing the drama that’s started in the breach.
-Cardinal cock and Cardinal hen,
weaving together a home for the very first time-
to a lonely horn section that is playing out far above,
sounding more like cat calls from  drunken sailors
than the clamor
of a few jealous Sea Gulls.

At this cue:
The Crow jumps in like the jester
who only plays the fool,
and makes a speech
about how he will rob the rabbit’s warren once again...
and then proceeds to pull off the caper
right before everyone’s eyes!

Dim witted Mourning Doves sleep on warm streets unconcerned
that their pigeon relatives must pick through the trash
for their morning meal.

Cicadas crack sub-terranean armors
and then graduate-
SSSsshaking  their  maracassSSS

The Cardinals return to the nest.
With yarns to spin,
about new eggs and future kin.
A celebration,  about to begin.

An acrobatic squirrel runs the tight rope----------without  falter
to cross  sagging power lines.

Seasonally confused Magnolias offer up freak flowers
in stingy portions as a special treat for the occasion.

Grackle struts an iridescent dandy,
against a crowd of dull Cowbirds, who speculate
who obviously haven’t realized that there are no cows here.

Swallows, Swifts and Martins
follow the tight line of their life’s  pursuit
to catch tiny insects on the wing
   Seem to fail
       as much as win.

What a busy day,
and all before noon.

All Before Noon                                                                 July 27, 2008

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